So many corporate offices and colleges use proxies with and without authentication. Let’s not get into the details but one problem I faced was some popular websites like slack are not working in my chrome browser.

But it’s working fine in my Firefox browser . I googled to see why this problem occurs and finally got a solution.

The proxy my college use is a http proxy running on a squid server. All the ports except 3128 are blocked. Here lies the problem when you get a proxy IP and Port people usually end up entering them in all the fields for FTP, SOCKS4/5 ,SSL.

Image for post
Mozilla Proxy config Screen.

I got to know that browsers and operating systems prefer SOCKS proxy than HTTP so that is the reason websockets are not working. Now just remove the IP and Port for the SOCKS and remaining protocols which are unsupported and then refresh the page. It should be able to work now.

Useful Link :- Test whether the web sockets of your browser are working

Originally published at on November 28, 2015.

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Founder/CEO Hackrew | Security Researcher | Indian | Alumnus, IIT Guwahati

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